Why Have A Road Map?

Many people who buy a car also buy a road map to go with that car. These people either have been lost before on a road trip, or know the value of always being prepared, just in case. People enjoy traveling, and more people then ever are setting out on the road either going across country or just a few hours from home. In either case, the use of a road map is nearly essential, unless the same road trip has been taken over and over. Even then, things happen, roads are closed, wrong turns are made, and other things happen while traveling. For these reasons and a host of others, knowing that there is a road map available will put most drivers mind to ease.

Some people will say that they do not need a road map, they have gotten good directions, and that the directions are easier to read anyway. For the same reasons listed above, as in road closures, maps would provide more information to a traveler then simple directions. Also, directions will not tell a person if the road is windy, which some drivers may not be comfortable driving and directions may or may not tell a person what little towns they may be going through, which might make the travel time longer, which for people in a hurry is not a good option. For other people who have plenty of time to travel and want to take it slow, they may prefer going through small towns along their way so they can stop for breaks or for other reasons. If they rely on directions only, their directions may keep them on the main highways, which would not be the most pleasant trip for these types of people.

Just as people like to travel, they also like choices. The best way to have choices when planning a trip, especially a road trip is by using maps, and understanding them. Maps will do a person absolutely no good if they do not know how to read them. Luckily, with a little practice, they are not that hard to read and people are often amazed at the information that can come with having a road map as their travel companion, not to mention the security having a map will bring a person.

All of this is not to say there is no need for good directions. For many people, the combination of both driving directions and road maps make the road trip much easier. Directions are easy to follow, they are much more convenient then trying to drive and look at a big map at the same time, besides, this in not considered safe driving. Directions are usually easy to memorize, at least if memorized one step at a time. If for some reason a person gets lost using directions, or if the directions can not be followed, like in the example of a road closure, a person that also has a road map available, will still be able to reach his or her destination with little trouble and stress. This is something anyone who travels frequently or not can appreciate.

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