Where to Find a Home Nurse

When a doctor tells an adult child that their elderly parent needs round the clock care the child’s first though might be to place their parent in a nursing home. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea. A majority of the nations nursing homes hire competent and caring employees, there is normally a nurse on duty, the patients receive their medications in a timely fashion, and nursing homes provide their patients with the opportunity to interact with other patients.

On the other hand there is the option of hiring a home nurse. Many home nurses care for their patients for a few hours a week or even on a daily basis. They come into the home at an appointed time and make sure that the patient is in good health, taking their medication, and following the doctors orders. However in cases where round the clock care is required, there are home nurses who will move into the patient’s spare bedroom where they can keep a watchful eye on their patients at all times.

It is not unusual for the family to decide that a home nurse is the option they prefer to take, this is especially true when is doubtful that the patient has long to live. The next problem is finding a home nurse to move into the patient’s home.

The first thing the family needs to know is that, when round the clock care is required, more then one home nurse will be needed. Most of the times a family has to hire multiple nurses that then arrange to work in shifts. By working on a rotation nurses are able to stay alert and watchful while they are with their patient. Working in shifts also allows the nurses an opportunity to have a private life where they can take a break from their medical duties.

Where can you find a batch of home nurses that are capable of tending to your elderly parent’s medical needs?

One of the people who can make a few suggestions about where you can start looking for reliable home nurses is your parent’s physician. The doctor should be able to make a few recommendations of nurses and nursing agencies that can match your parent up with a group of reliable and personable nurses that you can confidently welcome into your home.

If your parent’s physician has predicted that it is doubtful that your parent will live past a certain point you can contact your state’s hospice. They will be able to help you make arrangements for your parent’s care and can help you find reliable home nurses.

Check and see if there are any nursing agencies in your immediate area. If you are unable to locate a nursing agency that specializes in home nurses in your local area, you might try contacting a nursing agency that specializes in travel nurses.

If, for whatever reason, the nurses that you hire do not work out, contact the agency immediately. Be friendly and polite when you explain your families reason’s for requesting a replacement.

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