Title: Verona, a city to discover loved from the tourists of all the world

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Verona, is a splendid city of more than 260.000 inhabitants, in the northern of Italy. The capital it is one of the seven provinces that characterize the region of Veneto, risen on the sides of the Adige river and far from Garda lake about thirty kilometers.

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Yield famous and popular all over the world from the famous tragedy of William Shakespeare ” The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” , it is a coveted destination from the tourists of every corner of the world.
Indeed, the capital of Veneto, offers a lot of opportunities starting from the cultural point of view, to the culinary and the entertainment.

In particolar, who wants to visit Verona for a short time (also of 2-3 days), cannot miss some fundamental appointments that characterise this laughing city in the heart of the Veneto region. In these terms, we can list what the tourist/visitor of the weekend must absolutely see and try for really living the spirit of the city:
? Arena di Verona: ?small? masterpiece of the roman architecture, it is still in good conditions and is used for concerts and other manifestations
? Piazza delle Erbe(Square of the Grass): it rises where the ancient Roman Forum resided, is the heart of the city
? Palazzo del comune (Palace of the Municipality): with a nice romantic garden
? Palazzo della prefettura (Palace of the Prefecture): ancient residence of Scaligeri
? Santa Anastasia: ghotic church erected from the Dominicans
? Duomo (Dome): elegant construction dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolare
? Balcony of Giulietta: small, but somewhat evocative where also is found the famous statue of Giulietta
? Arc of the Giovi: another direct evidence of the Roman domination
? In the pauses, to be based calmly in a tavern and to savour a Recioto di Soave (typical white wine of Verona) with cold cuts and the typical polenta of Veneto region.

Where to sleep in Verona

Of course, there are many touristic structures that allow to sleep in Verona or near the city.
To such purpose, the Gardenia Hotel is situated in San Michele area, ideal for passing days or vacations around Veneto, above all for visiting Verona without having to spend the night in a hotel of the city center.
This 3 stars hotel, offers refined services like cable TV, safe in each room and air conditioning, a part from the prestigious inner restaurant.

The Gardenia Hotel has a comfortable private parking and offers cordiality and hospitality to all its customers, both to businessmen and families on vacation. Moreover, the hotel website (www.hotelristorantegardenia.it) offers the chance to the Internet customers to reserve on-line directly their own rooms for the night’s passing also at the Hotel San Michele (at Verona periphery, near to the historical city center).

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