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Venice, capital of the Veneto region, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque Italian city, and coveted tourist destination among the most important at the global level, is considered a strategic connection with the Middle East and its history is thousands of years.

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In this small lagoon town live over 270,000 inhabitants; it is situated in the northeast of Italy and overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

Venice is divided into Sestieri, three of these (Castello, San Marco and Cannaregio) are here to the Grand Canal taking as a point of reference Piazza San Marco; the three at the other hand, are Santa Croce, Dorsoduro and San Polo-Rialto. These six subdivisions of the city are represented in the “Ferro” (front of the gondola-metal boats typical of the city – which has precisely six points / lines). The rear of the craft, however, represents the Giudecca island which is located right in front of Piazza San Marco.

Of course, the capital of Veneto, which is categorized heritage of humanity by UNESCO, is a unique city, where there are no roads but only canals and rivers navigable by small boats (Gondole).

Historically it was called the Dominant or even as the Serenissima, in fact has been for over a millennium, the capital of the Republic of Venice.

The old city lives mainly from the tourism, but also of local manufacture and crafts, just think of the beautiful Murano glass (small island in the lagoon of Venice). Moreover, for the most recent city located inshore, has a flourishing business and point of reference for the economy of the country.

Venice, offers many opportunities within the tourism industry and food for a variety of factors: history, culture, romance, shopping and entertainment; also offers a wide selection of hotels in Venice.

In particular, who wants to visit Venice for a few days should not miss some areas and traditions that make the visit to the city unique and unforgettable

? Piazza San Marco is considered the core of sestriere and the heart of the city (the only open space considered Square), where there are the most important monuments: Palazzo Ducale, the Basilica of San Marco
? Ponte di Rialto: the oldest bridge that crosses the Grand Canal
? Lido di Venezia: very characteristic because it is an thin island that extends for more than 10 km in the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. In this narrow strip of land there is also the beach of Venezia.
? Museo Ca? D?oro: well known palace situated along the Grand Canal which contains the gallery Giorgio Fianchetti
? Gallerie delll?Accademia: who are in Dorsoduro and retain some beautiful works of Giovanni and Jacopo Bellini, Tiziano and Tintoretto.
? Among a visit and another, take a rest in an inn or in an outdoors bar and enjoy a Recioto di Soave (white wine typical of the Veneto region) with sliced and polenta veneta.

But where to stay in Venezia?

In a city that lives on tourism solutions are not lacking, in fact there are many hotels that have rooms to sleep in Venice or in the immediate vicinity also proposing a wide range of hotel in Venice.

In this regard, the Hotel Ala is located in Piazza San Marco (the core of the city) and is the hotel ideal in Venice for those who want to spend some days in the fantastic “Serenissima”.

This refined 4 stars hotel offers many services, such as satellite TV, air conditioning and safe in every room.

The Hotel Ala in Venice offers exceptional warmth and hospitality to all its customers, whether they are business people or families and children on holiday. Moreover, thanks to the new link (www.hotelala.it) offers the opportunity to make bookings on-line to all users interested in prestigious rooms in Venice.

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