Title: Types of Electric Scooters

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There are many types of adult electric scooters on the market today. Knowing what type you need will help in making the best decision when purchasing one.

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Knowing the types of electric scooters that are available available helps a person choose the right scooter for himself or a loved one. Each electric scooter type is designed to fill a specific role and which type a person buys depends on what the scooter will be used for. Portable models are designed for easier travel, three wheeled scooters allow extra leg room and are the most maneuverable scooter type, and four wheeled scooters provide a more steady base.

Portable scooters fold up so that they can be transported more easily. They are often not as sturdy as the standard three wheel scooters and their chairs are less comfortable. However, they are ideal for long trips. Many standard three wheeled scooters can also be packed in car trunks. Such three wheeled scooters may also be known as travel electric scooters, but travel electric scooters are usually larger in size than portable scooters and have a more stable wheel base.

Three wheeled electric scooters are what most people think of when they hear the phrase electric scooter. They are slightly less stable than their four wheeled counterparts, but three wheeled scooters are almost as stable and more maneuverable. Their seats are sturdier than the seats found on portable scooters and they provide more leg room than any of the other scooter types. They are also more maneuverable and capable of turning tighter corners.

Four wheeled scooters are so named because they have four wheels. Unlike three wheeled scooters that are designed for the relatively flat surfaces such as city streets and the aisles of a department store, four wheeled scooters are capable of handling rugged terrain and are more stable than three-wheeled models. Having four wheels may provide a psychological advantage to some users as the four wheels make the user feels the scooter is less likely to fall on its side. Electric scooter users who live in rural areas or who want to go on outdoor trails should consider investing in a rugged four wheeled version. The major drawback of four wheeled scooters is that they are less maneuverable than their three wheeled counterparts.

The different types of electric scooters have different uses, so know what the users needs are before deciding to purchase a specific type. Because even the least complex scooter type can cost several hundred dollars, buying the wrong one is an expensive mistake. Consider where the electric scooter will be used, how long it will be used and the local terrain which the rider needs to take it over before committing to any single electric scooter type.

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