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Two major events colour the spring month of May in Florence and they are the traditional Fair Artisan and Palace, and the Fabbrica Europa Festival.

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The former, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Italy, is a three-day artisan fair with open-air workshops where it is possible to look at the strong and fascinating artisan?s works and discover their technical and artistic skills; the latter is The Fabbrica Europa Festival which aims to encourage the circulation of ideas and works exchange through new relationships between European and African people culture trough arts. For the summer months, among other events, we would like to highlight the Popular Dance Festival. This annual event is organized by the Florence Dance Center with the aim to create an open space for every kind of dance performance. During the event many international companies will be performing. This year the program counts on the presence of the New York City Ballet, the Flamenco Lunares and the Florence Dance Company, among others.

Who loves dance will be able to enjoy dance shows in the Florence?s charming open air venues such as Boboli Garden, Piazzale Michelangelo and Forte Belvedere. The hot dates are from 29 June to 1 August.

If you are visiting Florence on those days, make sure to book in advance as it is very high season, especially if you are on a budget and looking for cheap accommodation. You can consider a cheap accommodation in youth hostels, backpackers hostels or international students houses ( hostels as well) that will cost you around 25 euros per person for that period. In general, Florence youth hostels do not provide cool and trendy atmosphere as Florence can rather offer old style hostels, kind of student residences, or pilgrim residence as it was in old ages. You can have a try at the hostel Veneto right behind the Dome, or the Soggiorno Prestipino Hostel Residence just close to main train station, or the Armonia Hostel.

Remember Florence can be extremely hot and humid in summer and probably a very good option would be booking a caravan, a roulette or a big tent in a leafy, green Camping, on the hills. Try the Michelangelo that offer very good rates, swimming pool and pick up services.

If you wish to experience a traditional Florence hospitality you should go for a B&B, or family run guest houses ( pensioni or affittacamere in Italian) that are all around Florence. In the city centre Bandb (or bed and breakfast) usually have a superb view, and nice interiors. You can try the Abatjour B&B close to the train station, Soggiorno Primavera, the central BB Cinque Sensi, Althea rooms B&B, hotel Castri which is set in a Renascent villa with a green park, hotel Palazzuolo, hotel Guelfa, il Ghiro guest house, Cimarosa Armony BB, a Casa di Dante BB, bb tourist house, a Montebello BB. The prices are very good for the quality and the services they offer. Usually a double room costs around 60-70 euros per night.

So, get organized and be ready for a hot summer in Tuscany.

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