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Treat yourself to the perfect Cape Town vacation in Camps Bay, Cape Town. There are no excuses- beautiful people, azure waters, panoramic views and much more. Isn?t it time you spend some of your well-earned money on yourself and relax in stylish comfort.

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Each year I put my all into my work and each year I decide ?this year I am going to treat myself to a decent beach vacation?. Unfortunately, for some or other reason when it?s close to the end of the year and I need to work out all my plans I end up not having money or find some or other reason why my holiday must be delayed.

It?s 2008 and this year I decided things will be different. Work all the time and no play are just not on anymore! This year I am going to have my special beach holiday- filled with summer sun, cocktails, beautiful sunsets and of course partying till the sun shines its first rays over the beach in the early morning.

As I?m discussing my plans for my beach vacation, everyone questions me on where I want to go. I answer that question with my needs: 1. I want to be close to the beach- it?s a beach vacation afterall! 2. I want to be able to walk to the clubs and restaurants 3. I want to be able to actually see the beach from my balcony.

After going through all the hotspots in the Western Cape, I finally decided on Camps Bay close to Cape Town. My friends always go on about Camps Bay and after some thorough research on the Internet, I quickly concluded that Camps Bay is exactly the place that would suit my every whim.

Cape Town is the playground of the rich and famous, but along with that comes picture perfect beach vacations, people bronzing in the summer sun and long stemmed cocktails infused with colours and flavours!

The apartment I found is perfect for my beach vacation- even better it?s laced with a romantic vibe so I can take the love of my life with and have an absolute blast!

Beautiful Camps Bay ocean views, a private balcony, air-con, pool area, barbeque facilities- you name it they?ve got it. Best of all it?s one street away from the promenade where the streets buzz with people, the caf?s entertain and the azure blue waters of the beach paint pictures on the sand.

Because Cape Town is so full in December, I decided to book AND pay early- ensuring there?s no way for me to postpone yet another year. I can?t wait to go and explore the beautiful Cape and have lots and lots of summer fun!

Isn?t it time you rewarded yourself for all your hard work too?

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