Title: Travel Wise: Getting the most out of the dollar

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Whether you are a budget conscious traveler or vacation in five star resorts, a significant movement in exchange rates can affect a country?s appeal. Find the ?bargains? and discover which countries have moved out of reach.

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A trip to the United States has to be a top contender for Europeans this year. Having appreciated 12% versus the U.S. Dollar since July 2003 and nearly 50% since July 2001, even a slight decline in the value of the Euro would not dampen the appeal. The above holds true for budget conscious travelers and luxury seekers alike. Resorts and activities that once seemed out of reach are now a steal. Not to mention the shopping!

Travelers looking for something ?off the beaten path? may want to consider Washington State rather than Washington D.C., Chicago rather than Boston, or Chaco Canyon rather than the Grand Canyon. Those in search of a unique adventure have the embarrassment of choice, rafting, animal pack trips and digging for fossils are but a few of the fun things to do.

Argentina and Brazil are great travel destinations for dollar holders disinclined to stay home. China may also be worth considering, before its’ currency revalues significantly. For those resolute on traveling to Europe this year, Slovenia and Croatia are both reasonably priced destinations notwithstanding the appreciation of their currencies. Montenegro, an up and coming vacation destination, remains a bargain.

If you are unwilling to renounce that dream vacation in the tropics, several locations in the Indian Ocean, including Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique, are excellent land and sea destinations. And, if you are looking for a different ocean altogether, Mexico and Guatemala are great travel destinations and, whether you are an independent traveler or prefer a package tour, both offer value.

1 USD = 15/07/01 15/07/06 % Change 1 Euro = 15/07/01 15/07/06 % Change
USD/Brazil Real2.5782.28311%Euro/Brazil Real2.2032.89331%
USD/Argentine Peso0.9993.088209%Euro/Argentine Peso0.8543.913358%
USD/Mexican Peso9.35011.05218%Euro/Mexican Peso7.99114.00375%
USD/Slovenia Tolar256.560189.37226%Euro/Slovenia Tolar219.282239.9349%
USD/Croatian Kuna8.3945.73232%Euro/Croatian Kuna7.1747.2621%
USD/Chinese Yuan8.2788.0053%Euro/Chinese Yuan7.07510.14343%

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