Title: Spring Paris events to enjoy the city in the warm season

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The city of a thousand clich?s, Paris is known for its romance and grandeur, marked by wide boulevards and famous landmarks.

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It has a distinctive character with flea and flower markets where artists just sketch your profile or cut it out from a piece of paper or locals sitting out of the caf?s listening to street musicians or cycling around with their baguettes under their armpit.

The French capital is one of the world?s truly great cities, with fine museums and excellent food, that is worth a visit either in summer when a riverside expressway is converted into an oasis of swimming pools, sand and deckchairs; or in fall when there are fewer crowds and boulevards trees change their colours.

But for sure Springtime gives to any place a fresher touch of liveliness, or should we say ?joie de vivre?. Some of the coolest events that the city features for this coming warm season vary and will absolutely satisfy any traveller?s interest, curiosity and taste!

Starting with the Paris Book Fair ( from the 14-19 March) that will bring together authors literally from around the world, to the internationally renown Paris jazz festival in June and July or the open-air Summer Arts Festival up to the classic Bastille Day on 14 Jul. For sporty people Paris offers some important events too. In April it is possible to assist to the Paris Marathon (Sun 06 Apr 2008 ) starting at the top of the Champs Elysees and ending at the bottom of Avenue Foch. Not to mention the French Open Tennis (Roland Garros) dispute between 01 May 2008 until the very end of June.

And cherry on top, while in Paris you can assist to the famous arrival of the Tour de France (Final Stage of the cycle race) presumably on Thu 31 Jul 2008. But dates have to be confirmed. If you like races you also have the chance to see the Great Paris Steeplechase in May (Sun 25th 2008) at the Auteuil Hippodrome. It is a Parisian jump racing held at one of the city?s bigger and famous Hippodromes.

Some other music events like the Music Festival, held on the summer solstice on the 21st of June, are worth a visit to the France Capital. There is also the Saint Denis Festival running from June to the end of July, during which time concerts are held in the Saint Denis Basilica. In the gorgeous frame of the Chateau of Versailles you could be the spectator of some venues organized by the Baroque Music Festival, usually held from the middle of September to the middle of October.

To complete this nice picture it is important to find a suitable accommodation that, far from being too much luxurious or too much a pain, it has to be clean, comfy and romantic. There are some hidden treasures in this sense in Central Paris, where the French atmosphere is well preserved. Just to mention some 1-2 stars hotels, we suggest Cecil hotel, Taylor, Mon reve Hotel, Des Artes hotel, Altona hotel, Bac Saint Germain (in Latin quarter) or the Hotel du Parc Saint Charles.

All these hotels offer good value rooms and services starting from 35-40 euros per person. Hotels in Paris are usually more expensive and too standard to give you a genuine Paris vibe. Some of these have private gardens, or terraces where breakfast is served. Be aware that in France it is not always said that breakfast is included in the price! And it is usually not abundant.

Well, now that we have given you some ideas on how to spend a spring weekend in the French Capital, we have only to wish you a romantic trip!

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