Title: Rome is considered to be a large open-air museum

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At about 20 kilometres from the Tyrrhenian coast, 20 metres above sea level and right in the middle of the Roman countryside where the river Tiber winds itself among the sweet green hills there you can find the Eternal city: Rome.

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Rome is a cosmopolitan bustling city in continuous evolution. It attracts million of tourists each year and has a lot to offer also to international students in terms of night life, cultural events, courses, exhibitions etc.

Rome is considered to be a large open-air museum. Every corner you look at, Roman temples, ancient streets, fabulous fountains, colourful street markets or simply wonderful open spaces are right there.

Furthermore, its mild windy weather its ideal in any season you wish to be there: speeding scooters, sidewalk caf?s, restaurant terraces, the magnificent Coliseum and S. Peter Cathedral by night and grand piazzas are some of the spots you will enjoy. Although is an international Capital, do not believe it is soo expensive!! There are plenty of accommodation solutions in Rome either for tourists and for travellers on a budget choosing from youth hostels, and B&B. Among the other bookers, it is possible to book easily online with an easy service provided by Flashbooking for example where rooms or bed nights start form 13 euros per person.

Did you know? Read Rome backwards and you?ll get an Italian word: AMOR that means LOVE This will probably be the first impression for this romantic city and probably what you will take home from your trip there.

Among the fantastic treasures you can admire while in Rome, for sure the most classic spots are these ones:

The Capitoline Hill is the citadel of ancient Rome with the Palazzo Nuovo and the Palazzo dei Conservatori, now the site of the Capitoline Museum. The close by Palazzo Venezia with its Resorgimento Museum and the Art gallery at its buttom are a must.

Did you know? The Capitoline Museums are the oldest public collection in the world and include very famous sculptures such as the Galata Morente and the Capitoline Venus. In the Painting Gallery you will have an excursus of master pieces by painters such as Tiziano, Bellini and Caravaggio. (Piazza del Campidoglio, 1; ph: 06-82059127; e-mail: info.museicapitolini@comune.roma.it; open Tue-Sun 9am-8pm; closed on: Mondays, 1st January, 1st May, 25th December; the ticket-office closes one hour before the closing-time of the Museum )

A visit to the Roman Forum takes the visitor to the remains from various periods of Roman history. They are very interesting by night. In summer they also are a stage for concerts and shows. We suggest you take a guided tour: it will cost a little bit more but for sure it will give you an insight of what it was during the Roman Empire. Some stalls also sell interesting booklets with pop-up pages of the Forums or transparent reconstruction based on the real photos Have a look. Very nice gift for children and fun for adults as well!

Close to the Forums see the Trajan Markets and the Coliseum, the biggest amphitheatre ever build in the antiquity (80 AD): 52 metres high and a capacity of 70 000 spectators! Still used in these days to performs huge concerts of world famous pop.stars: Madonna, Elton Jhon, Mc Cartney performed there!! It is even more breathtaking in the evening, when it is artistically illuminated to show off the beauty of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. Nice thing to do: have a shot there with REAL gladiators models!!
(tickets: ? 8,00; info/ bookings call : 06 399 67700 Mon-Sat 9am – 1.30pm and from 2.30pm 5pm).

Believer or not a glance to the Vatican is a must Even a visit to St Peter?s Cathedral as it is free, would be a good idea! You can even decide to make your path up to the enormous dome where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Rome.

If you wish to get an accommodation in that area, the best accommodation solution will probably be in some private apartments that are flourishing there. There are not so much B&B in the quarter nor cheap hotels, but try the family apartments that are easily ?bookable? online at Flashbooking.com. Some of them really share a fantastic view over San Peter and Castel S. Angelo.

Another thing: you have always heard about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel haven?t you?? Now, you are there, just a few hours of extenuate queue are separating you from this astonishing miracle of art!! You HAVE TO get your place there and be part of the hundred of visitors ..it?s a good spot to meet people True! The Vatican Museums are in Viale Vaticano, 100) One ticket and you can visit both Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel in the same day. Closed on Sundays and particular Catholic feasts. Tickets: vary from 4? to a maximum of 12 ? per person.

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