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Worthless to say, in Rome you will feel you are in the heart of the Italian cuisine where everything from a simple pizza to a dish of spaghetti, meat balls or parmesan aubergines are advertised and cooked everywhere.

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The thing is: how to avoid touristy places where a pizza will cost you a fortune? How to escape tourist traps? The good new is that I have some good tips from my uncle Gianni who lives in Rome. When I asked him about the gorgeous still very simple and characteristic places where he usually takes me out for dinner, he came up with a list of names and numbers. I simply pass them out for you!

While downtown Rome, to be precise in beautiful Campo de Fiori where young people meet every night for a drink, just behind Piazza Navona, there is Paola al Pallaro. Paola is either the cook and the owner: everyday she cooks her typical roman dishes with a variety of fresh food. You don?t have to bother reading an incomprehensible menu in Italian: there?s no. The menu is fixed: you simply eat what her fantasy has prepared for you on that day. Also the price is fixed but don?t worry it?s budget. To say it all, the average price for an entire roman menu, expressed cooked on the day with fresh ingredients will cost you around 20-40 ? per person including beverages. The good thing is that the restaurant is always full so you have to book in advance. Phone Number: +39 06 68801488. Also the restaurant is not very visible and this is telling you how little touristy it is! When you are close to Campo de Fiori, you need to ask to some locals. A good way to improve your skills.

In the vicinity, serving cool refreshing glasses of good wine before and after dinner are a couple of traditional enoteche (wine sellers) La Vineria (Campo de Fiori, 15; phone: +39 06 68803268) or il Goccetto (Via dei Banchi Vecchi,14; phone: +39 06 686 4268). You can get there before your dinner at Paola?s in case you forgot to book your table in advance.

If you are close to Saint peter Cathedral or you just come out from your Sistine Chapel Visit, you can relax. We have a spot for you at Osteria dell?Angelo. Despite the name ( angel), the owner Angelo was once a former boxer. Today he is a real entertainer in his restaurant. His place is the best advisable in the S. Peter area at a budget price, fixed menu and exquisite Italian food! Worthless to say, book your table before you go at +39 06 3729470.

If you are looking for a different place, a little bit more sophisticated and charming, out of the normal paths but very valuable (as only locals go), call a taxi cab and ask for Restaurant Baba in the Parioli area. Again another woman is the owner of the restaurant and be sure she will entertain you with bell rings, theatrical costumes and stories. The menu is fixed but delicious and the prices range between 30?-40? per person. Booking as usual in a big city is necessary. The phone number is: +39 06 3330 745.

If you are also looking for a comfy place where to rest at the end of your intense day, here there are a few very advisable. Near Saint Peter ( or the Prati Area) there are some Bed and breakfast and fully equipped apartments like the 1 Grand bed and Breakfast Rome, Caterina a San Pietro B&B, Madam Luxury Rooms B&B, San Pietro Rooms, and St Peter Terrace.

Near the Termini Station that is probably your entrance in Rome there are some hostels, family run hotels and budget B&B. The Termini station is really central, is not on a periphery or surrounded by a bad district. It can be a little chaotic as for the intense traffic but it?s safe and just 5 minutes form the Coliseum for example. There are theatres and restaurants, it is well served So no panic if you are offered a place near Termini. Here a list of some accommodation providers in the area: hotel Mary 1, Camilla B&B, Euro Quiris Hotel, B&B Smart, Cambridge hotel, Salvador B&B, Funny Palace Hostel, Gianicolo B&B, your Nest in Rome B&B, Hotel /hostel Mary 2, B&B Turati Inn, Stargate Hostel, B&T Rooms Guest house, Baldassini B&B, Les artes Guest house, Angelica Guest house, When in Rome Accommodation B&B, Nice Appartments Rome, Hostel Termini, Termini B&B, Roma Inn Hostel 2000, Two Ducks Hostel.

Downtown there are the very nice and colourful K&K Centre, a casa di Max, Baldassini B&B and Sosta a Trastevere B&B.

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