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The Czech Capital is going to be overwhelmed with all genres of arts in June!! Two special events will be colouring Prague and attracting thousand of national and international tourists.

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Especially during the first week of June two Festivals will take place in the old medieval streets of Prague: the Prague Writers Festival and the World Festival of Puppet Art. With the first theme, our mind immediately flies to Kafka, his life and writings. Prague hosts his house that has became an interesting museum to visit. From such a leading figure, Prague has developed one of Europe?s leading cultural events. In particular, this year (2008), the Prague Writers? Festival celebrates its eighteenth anniversary. Started in 1990, the Festival has established itself as a Czech cultural foundation in 1997.

The Festival brings to the attention of its public international and vibrant authors from Central and Eastern Europe such as Paul Auster, Margaret Atwood, Graeme Gibson and many others.The Festival managers have organized workshops, meetings, conferences and collateral initiateves all related to the theme: 1968 Laughter and Forgetting. For more information you can visit the Festival main pages online at pwf.cz or visit the Guardian that is sponsoring the Festival at guardian.co.uk. The relevant dates are between 1 and 5 June 2008.

If you wish to be there there are plenty of accommodation options in Prague for different budgets! Nowadays, online is the easiest and fastest way to find and book all kind of accommodations you might desire. In general it depends on the people you are travelling with and the spirit with which you want to live the city. A recent trend among the youngest is either to book an apartment either to stay in youth hostels.

Concerning Prague apartments, the city is starting to offer upper standards of comforts, services and atmosphere. Usually very well refurbished, coloured and with modern furniture the average price per person is between 20-40 euros per night. Some good ones located all thru Prague historical centre are the Old Town Apartment House, Apartments Magicka Zahrada (magic Garden), Hotel Apartments Wenceslas Square, Amazing Prague Apartments. In terms of hostels or youth hostels, Prague has a lot to offer too! The Chilli Hostel, the Manhattan hostel, hostel le Papillon, Leon Hostel, Plus Prague hostel, Hostel Spoas are among the most economic in the old city. Prices from 14 euros per person. So do not indulge to spend a magnificent week in Prague in June. And if you are not keen in literature, you can always indulge in the puppet show Festival held in the same days!! More coming soon!

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