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Your Pattaya holiday can be greatly enhanced by the girl friend experience.

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What is the Girl Friend Experience? The Girl Friend Experience, or GFE, is what is commonly referred to by Pattaya visitors as finding a bar girl in Pattaya and your experience is similar to that of a girlfriend.

There are some guys who go to Pattaya and all they want to do is conquer as many girls as possible. Then, there are others, who want to find that one, special lady and spend all of their time with her. They want a part-time girlfriend that will treat them special.

Some guys make the mistake of searching for that special lady going only on looks. They want to be able to walk down the street with that girl on their arm and watching the expressions of other guys as they walk by.

They are looking for a “10” and really don?t care what the cost is. They just want the eye candy on their arm and will pay for the experience.

Others prefer to look for a girl based on attitude and not on looks. Of course, they want someone who looks nice, but attitude is more important than outward appearance.

From previous experience, I would recommend looking in the beer bars as opposed to searching in the go-go bars. The girls in the beer bars may not be rated a “10′ in looks, but many will be a “10” in attitude.

You will find that many of the girls are looking for a boyfriend and eventually a husband and have to do what they do to survive. They may or may not have a child back home. They also may or may not already have a boyfriend. This you will have to determine for yourself.

Just be careful that you are not sponsoring someone that is just after your hard earned money. They may be duping you and giving the money to their Thai boyfriend. You will have to decide based on the individual girl.

Your best bet to finding the girl friend experience is to just go out, chat up some of the girls, and find on that clicks with you. Let her approach you and see what happens. Treat her well, show respect, and she most likely will make your vacation all the better.

No one will be able to advise you on any particular girl. No one will know here like you do. You will have to use your own judgment and think with your big head and decide for yourself. You can explain your situation at any of the Pattaya forums, and you will get all kinds of advice, but only you will be able to make the decision.

Be smart. Go slow. Think before you do. Have fun and look for girls with positive attitudes over girls that prefer to watch themselves in a mirror while dancing.

Sometimes it is planned. Sometimes it just happens. If you do fall in love, step back and take a hard look at the situation before you send any money and agree to sponsor the girl.

Be careful; use your head while you are looking, and good luck in finding that girl friend experience.

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