The Benefits to being a Traveling Nurse

If you love being a nurse and love to travel then a career as a traveling nurse may be exactly what you are looking for. Being a traveling nurse has many benefits. You are able to travel around the United States instead of being stuck in just one place. The jobs can last from just a few weeks to a year, with most lasting between thirteen and twenty six weeks.

Traveling nurses are some of the best-paid nurses in the country. These are just some benefits that may be available to you exact benefits will vary depending on the traveling nurse agency that you choose. Generally, the pay can range from $21 to $48 an hour this is based on your skill level and the location of the assignment. Agencies often offer sign on bonuses and completion bonuses as well. Some even offer bonuses when you renew your contract for at least 13 weeks. There are loyalty bonuses available at some agencies that offer different monetary bonuses, housing upgrades, paid vacations, and more. Referral bonuses are often offered for nurse that you refer to agencies.

With health benefits being the huge issue they are today, many traveling nurse agencies offer wonder benefit packages. Most have fully paid medical insurance with the options to add your family at your expense. They also can have many add ons such as Life insurance, vision and dental insurance, disability insurance-both long and short term, and accident coverage insurance.
Many offer retirement plans such as the 401K after just a month of service with them. Some offer roadside assistance packages such as AAA. Most offer continuing education reimbursement as well.

Traveling is a benefit of being a traveling nurse. It often is not considered a benefit because it is part of the job, but to many it is a benefit. A job as a traveling nurse allows you to work in new areas. Often times these are areas that you normally would not consider for a vacation because they are not high tourist areas. You can see places across the United States as you work.

There are many benefits, rewards, and bonuses available to those who decide to become a traveling nurse. The amenities seem to be endless as there is a high demand for nurses who are able to travel for their jobs. These traveling nurse jobs can take you away from your family, pets, and loved ones so a hard consideration into whether the job is right for you is necessary before committing. It is also important to investigate the agencies that you are thinking of signing up with. Ask the agencies to speak with some of the traveling nurses that are already a part of their company. Search the internet to see what others say about the agencies.

Becoming a traveling nurse is beneficial to many nurses that have worked the same job for years. They are often burnt out on the same thing day after day and looking for a change. A traveling nurse job could be the change that you are looking for.

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