How to Become a Traveling Nurse

When becoming a traveling nurse there are simple steps to take. Obviously the first thing that is necessary in becoming a traveling nurse to become an RN or registered nurse. This can be done through various programs to get you ready to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Then you need to get experience by working for at least one year in a hospital environment, preferably in the specialty area of your choice. There more experience you have the better pay you will get but most agencies require at least one year.

Once you have decided that becoming a traveling nurse is something you want to do, the next step is to find they agency that is right for you. You will want to look at the benefits and bonuses that are available through the different traveling nurse agencies. These benefits and bonuses can vary from agency to agency. Once you have narrowed down the selection with what benefits will work best for you, you need to contact these agencies for more information and possibly references of other nurses that they have working for them. There is not a better way to check out a company than to speak to their employees to make sure they stand behind the pay, the benefits, and the bonuses that they use to entice you. This is an important step because these agencies will be marketing you skills to the jobs. They are you job recruiters.

Now that you have narrowed down the agency you wish to work for and you application is accepted it is time to choose the available jobs. These jobs can be virtually anywhere across the United States. The length of the job will vary as well. Choose the jobs you wish to take carefully because you will be signing a contract. The three most important factors a traveling nurse has when considering a job is the location, the length, and the type of facility you will be working in. If one or more of this is not what you are looking for it may become a bad experience for the traveling nurse. Once you choose the job you want, the agency will help find your housing and the proper licensing that you will need especially if you are traveling to another state.

There are times that you will be placed in the perfect location and job setting that you are looking for. Many times if the facility is happy with your work and you want to stay it can be worked out that you get a full time position with them. This often works out best for companies looking to replace a full time nurse that had left their position.

Becoming a traveling nurse is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are many aspects involved they may not be the perfect opportunity for everyone. Being away from you family and loved ones is difficult especially when starting a new job and moving to a new area. A position as a traveling nurse is a fantastic opportunity for single people or even newlyweds where the partner can be transferred or works from home.

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