Destination Anywhere! The Traveling Nurse

A traveling nurse has much control over their life. They choose where they want to work and what assignment they want to work for, but do not let that fool you. There is a process to being accepted for the assignment you want to obtain.
Once you have joined with an agency that you feel suits you best and have been hired by the agency you will be assigned a personal recruiter who will help you obtain the assignments that you wish to be employed for. Discuss with your recruiter exactly what you are looking for in an assignment and the destination where you want to be employed. It is your recruiter’s job to help you obtain those assignments. She will then match you with the best assignments suitable for the skills you have already obtained and the choices that you have stated.

When choosing your destination your possibilities are endless. If you are looking for warmth and beaches you can ask for destinations to be along the west coast or if you are looking for snow, skiing and the mountains you can request specifically by state and request that your assignment be in say Colorado. If you are more of a country girl at heart you can ask for assignments in rural communities and small towns or if you want nightlife, glitz and glam your choices are endless with the
top biggest cities that our country has to offer.

After your recruiter has found you an assignment that you feel will suit yours wants and desires you will then do a telephone interview with the hiring facility. Your recruiter should help you prepare for your telephone interview to help you obtain the assignment that you have chosen. Your recruiter will help you so that you will be prepared and have the best chance to obtain this assignment.

Once the facility has accepted you for the assignment the fun begins! The next step will be for you to obtain any of the licensure process or credentialing requirements that you may need for your assignments state. Most states offer a temporary license that is fairly easy to obtain quickly. Remember your travel nurse agency has been working with nurses, facilities and different states for as long as they have been in a business and the top agencies will know exactly what you need to do and how to go about getting the work done so that you will have no problems in obtaining your license in the state of your assignment.

After your acceptance your housing will start to be worked out so that when the times comes for you to go on to your new assignment your utilities will already be on and your new home during the assignment will be ready for your occupancy. Your travel nurse agency will help you with any details or problems that you will have a long the way to make sure your move into your new assignment goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Along the way your private recruiter or someone from your agency will be keeping in touch with you to make sure everything is working out smoothly for you. Remember you are not a long and your agency is always a phone call away.

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