A Day in the Life of a Traveling Nurse

Depending on the assignment a traveling nurse accepts her day can be filled with the hustle and bustle of a busy emergency room or the laid back floor of people on the mend. The choice of course as to what assignment a traveling nurse will be doing is up to the traveling nurse themselves!

Usually a traveling nurse’s assignment is only temporary and s/he will work in a variety of clinical settings. Jobs can last from a week or to as long as the employed nurse is willing to work. As a traveling nurse you can work anywhere in the country and you are able to expand on your skills. By expending on your skills you will be able to further your nursing career.

As a traveling nurse the nurse gets to decide which assignment they wish to accept. They are given the opportunities to not only help where needed but to travel the world and tackle various jobs in the nursing field. As a traveling nurse though sometimes the job is a little more detailed, a traveling nurse is required to fill out paperwork, move around from assignment to assignment, negotiate their contract provisions to name a few.

Traveling nurses are need for various jobs, Have you ever wanted to cruise around the world? Well did you know a cruise ship could not leave a port unless there is a doctor or nurse on board? This is an excellent opportunity for a nurse would loves cruises and wishes to take their passion for cruising and their passion for nursing and blend them into a career and lifestyle.

Hospitals are also hurriedly erected in areas of disaster. These places are always looking for nurses to travel to the area and help in times of crisis. Think of the Katrina hurricane, medical attention was needed in the area and many traveling nurses where employed for this medical disaster.

A traveling nurse’s job can sometimes be more rewarding and challenging then day to day nursing jobs. You are learning new skills, sometimes under pressure in emergency situations. You are going to foreign areas that you are not familiar with and learning new techniques and styles of doing things. Procedures may not be the same from area to area so as a traveling nurse you are constantly learning. It’s not only a job but a full time education.

Depending on the length of some assignments and the need some agencies will pay a traveling nurse up to 3,000 to take an assignment, they include these bonuses as an incentive to pull in nurses where they are highly needed. Some agencies even pay for the traveling nurses traveling expensive for their relocation, housing and basic utilities. Some agencies will even offer you other incentives while you are employed with their agency. When you are searching for the right place of employment its best to search out agencies and become aware of exactly what an agency offers and get everything in writing.
A traveling nurse experiences the excitement of working in various areas of nursing, the fun and excitement of traveling to new and exotic area while she aids in the treatment of helping people medically.

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